Can anyone read into this soul tie cutting? The right and left candle?

2021.10.20 17:02 Mammoth-Bread6752 Can anyone read into this soul tie cutting? The right and left candle?

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2021.10.20 17:02 messyharmony Where can i get “oscypek” in krakow?

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2021.10.20 17:02 greypandaface Test

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2021.10.20 17:02 slowrmaths How Havan Liberty Shion got 25 assists in one map

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2021.10.20 17:02 chairbornebg Преглед на някои от основните теми в световния печат (Агенция „Фокус“)

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2021.10.20 17:02 ywlim1995 Item drop rate needed to guarantee meso bag drop from mobs

As I know 67% drop rate is required to guarantee a meso bag drop from mobs
But what sources of item drop rate count into this -Drop rate gear -Inner ability -Wealth pot -Union wealth -CS Twin coupon
From my testing , drop rate from Union wealth increase meso bag drop rate but CS twin don’t add any meso bag drop
Anyone with experience on this can assist ? Thanks
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2021.10.20 17:02 jebraddock11 WR help...

I have DHop, Metcalf, and Sutton. DHop is a revenge game against the Titans, but he hasn't gotten a ton of targets and is TD dependent. In a game that they could run up the score, Cards could begin to run a lot. Metcalf is playing with a backup QB. Currently i have DK and Dhop starting. Should I change it?
I have Darrell Williams as my flex, so currently looking at if i should switch up my WR slots.
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2021.10.20 17:02 thatKoreanGirl416 giratina on me 8734 5799 9210

8734 5799 9210
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2021.10.20 17:02 Electrical_Disk1484 Game is boring

If Tac shotguns don’t return next season ohh I’m losing my mind. You can’t just take out a gun that the game stands on. Without it 👎🏽, with it 👍🏽
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2021.10.20 17:02 BonnieBobcatt Streak 20: Zwanig!

Heute ist mein zwanig Tag Schreiben! Fast ein Monat. Es hat Spaß macht und ich denke, dass es wird einfacher im Zukunf werde.
Ich habe eine Problem mit Wortlaut. Vielleicht ist es falsche Deutsch Grammatik oder ist es einfach Kulturell unterschied mit wie ich Spreche?
Auf jeden fall werde ich weiter daran arbeiten.
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2021.10.20 17:02 P_O_J_O Best chinese takeout?

Just wonder is a good go to for quick take out. I tried dragon 1 in Washington Township and it was very meh. Appreciate the suggestions!
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2021.10.20 17:02 julian_jakobi Biden Administration and EPA Unveil Far-Reaching Plans to Tackle PFAS Contamination

Over the past year, the Biden Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency have begun the process of regulating per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in drinking water and creating new rules on discharge of PFAS chemicals from industrial facilities. On October 18, the EPA and the White House both made major announcements of plans to reduce the impact of these toxic chemicals, providing greater clarity on the evolving regulatory landscape surrounding PFAS over the coming years.
First, the EPA announced their “PFAS Strategic Roadmap” this week, outlining the agency’s multifaceted strategy to regulate and remediate PFAS throughout over the next three years and beyond. The roadmap, found here, describes the anticipated timeline for various aspects of regulatory action on PFAS chemicals. The EPA intends to release more details about each aspect of their roadmap in a series of webinars planned over the next few weeks.
Some of the highlights of the EPA’s roadmap include:
Nationwide monitoring of PFAS in drinking water, aimed for the Fall of 2021. A proposal to designate certain PFAS chemicals as hazardous chemicals under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA; a.k.a. the “Superfund”), which will provide federal funding for cleanup of PFAS-contaminated sites and increase the handling requirements for PFAS-contaminated materials. The establishment of national drinking water regulations for two of the most common PFAS chemicals, PFOA and PFOS, that would set “enforceable limits” and necessitate that all public water supplies be monitored. This rulemaking is targeted for Fall of 2022, with a final rule made Fall of 2023. Develop rules surrounding monitoring of PFAS-containing emissions from industrial facilities (aimed for Fall of 2022). Plans to review new and existing PFAS chemicals under the Toxic Substances Control Act Evaluate and assist in the development of new technologies that can help remove PFAS from the environment, including site cleanup and remediation technologies and water treatment technologies. The same day as the EPA’s roadmap was released, the Biden-Harris Administration announced their formal plan to combat PFAS contamination across the country. In their press release, they promised “accelerated efforts to protect Americans from per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)” through a concerted effort by eight federal agencies to mitigate PFAS from different angles.
The first and most wide-reaching part of their plan is the EPA’s new PFAS roadmap, detailed above. The Department of Defense is another agency taking swift and concrete action. The DOD is responsible for more than 700 potentially PFAS-contaminated sites around the country such as air force bases and National Guard locations where PFAS-containing fire-fighting foam was used. The DOD is presently conducting cleanup assessments to plan for the remediation of all sites where PFAS contamination is found. The agency is also funding over $150 million to help develop PFAS remediation solutions.
Other federal agencies who will be taking action as part of the federal government’s PFAS response include the Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ). These agencies are engaged in initiatives ranging from funding scientific research on the health effects of the broader range of PFAS chemicals, to programs to support first responders affected by PFAS-related health problems, to efforts to quantify and mitigate the presence of PFAS in food products and livestock animals.
This week’s announcements bring much-awaited clarity about the Federal government’s plans to create a regulatory framework surrounding PFAS. Municipal governments, water agencies, and industrial companies need that clarity in order to make informed decisions on what treatment and mitigation systems they should implement to safeguard their water or wastewater into the future. The EPA’s new roadmap doesn’t provide all the answers to questions about the evolving regulatory landscape, but it does give industry stakeholders a solid idea of when different regulatory actions are likely to happen, and what their impact might be.
In particular, the decision to move ahead with designating certain PFAS as hazardous chemicals under CERCLA is likely to have substantial effects on the way PFAS-contaminated site and waterways are remediated. Making PFAS-contaminated sites eligible for Superfund funding may accelerate the pace of treating those sites, especially in light of the high capital cost of some PFAS cleanup projects. The CERCLA proposal may also make handling PFAS-laden waste, such as that waste generated by PFAS water treatment, a more complex issue, which will probably encourage customers to choose PFAS treatment options that generate less waste.
About BioLargo’s PFAS Treatment Technology
BioLargo’s PFAS water treatment technology was developed from the ground-up to be the sustainable, low-waste solution for affordable PFAS removal. Called the Aqueous Electrostatic Concentrator (AEC), it works by separating PFAS compounds in an electric field and forcing them onto specialized, compact, proprietary membranes, which can later be disposed of easily and safely. The AEC removes more than 99% of PFAS from water in continuous flow, at energy costs as low as 30 cents per 1,000 gallons.
Compared to carbon-based filtration, the most common PFAS removal system, the AEC generates approximately 1/1000 the amount of PFAS-laden waste by weight, has a significantly lower carbon footprint, produces higher purity water, and is more compact. With regulations around the U.S. tightening surrounding the handling of PFAS-laden waste, this makes the AEC a more practical solution for PFAS water treatment.
You can learn more about the BioLargo AEC, as well as BioLargo’s PFAS water testing program, at
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2021.10.20 17:02 legacy655 I'm quite glad r/truscumcirclejerk is dying...

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2021.10.20 17:02 Topy721 Ender 3 and Sunlu PLA plus, why does it do that?

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2021.10.20 17:02 MikeShaughnessy Citizens’ Assemblies Won’t Save the Planet

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2021.10.20 17:02 Marshmallow_Studios The nightmares... they're finally... over

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2021.10.20 17:02 TrashClear483 Anon is an autistic secret agent

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2021.10.20 17:02 Paul-Belgium G-E Dishwasher ad in Sunset Magazine, June 1965.

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2021.10.20 17:02 mattsffrd Americans Give President Biden Lowest Marks Across The Board, Majority Say The Biden Administration Is Not Competent

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2021.10.20 17:02 wakenmasturbate Fresh setup of my 5.5g high tech!

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2021.10.20 17:02 elilud3 [chat] 17m bi guy looking to chat

Hey I’m a 17 year old bi guy. I’m open to chat about anything. I have a ps4 and play a lot of videogames. I like watching movies, either action or comedy. And I like going on jogs/walks. I’d prefer to use discord. I’m kinda bored rn so hmu!
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2021.10.20 17:02 arwenismybae Hypothetical question about adaptations for Red

So, some high school junior might want to adapt the strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and due to a writing roadblock, can't adapt it into two acts without slowing down the pacing. I want it to be perfectly accurate to the book, so should I adapt another short story to follow it after intermission?
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2021.10.20 17:02 waywardminer 10/19-10/20 - 7,108* new cases (43554/day); 135** new deaths (67.5/day); 13.19/12.68% positive test rate; 24,920/35,445 tests

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2021.10.20 17:02 artsnumeriques Invitation to participate in ROMBAK exhibition

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2021.10.20 17:02 4NIC8N Get OnePlus Buds Pro for $99.99

Right now you can save $50 and get the OnePlus Buds Pro for $99.99 plus tax. The buds are currently $119 when you use the OnePlus Store app to make the purchase. You can combine this with the promo code "BUDSPRO20" to get an additional $20 off the order which makes the total $99.99 plus tax. Enjoy!
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