I am looking to purchase a house in Manchester and seen a few houses in Burnage? Is this a good area? Any thoughts?

2021.10.20 15:41 belderberg I am looking to purchase a house in Manchester and seen a few houses in Burnage? Is this a good area? Any thoughts?

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2021.10.20 15:41 UberMisty82 Coinberry Referral Code - Earn a $20 sign up bonus after you purchase or trade $50 worth of crypto. 🍓

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2021.10.20 15:41 Medjed83 Few Will

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2021.10.20 15:41 smurfyjenkins JOP study: Terrorist attacks increase (1) anxiety over refugee resettlement, (2) perceptions of refugees as a security and cultural threat, and (3) opposition to resettlement

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2021.10.20 15:41 startsmall_getbig Having strong FOMO

I only have $400 at 45k. Should I jump it or wait for the rally to end? I have a strong hunch if I put in $1000 right now, it will tank
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2021.10.20 15:41 amy0616 Special things that your medical school offers??

Hiiii guys! I was recently elected to my schools medical SGA. I’m trying to think of ideas to implement at my school, so I came to Reddit for help lolz. Thought it would be a good idea to see what students have available at their medical schools that have helped make the experience better! Drop any special thing that your medical school offers to help a girl outttt. I’ve heard some medical schools, pay students to make custom school decks for the students instead of anking, free breakfast before exams, school sponsored parties after exams. Anybody else heard of or experienced anything like this?
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2021.10.20 15:41 blooming_star I ended it, it's not perfect, even next to it, but as my second attempt, I'll be fair with myself, it's good for someone who never tried this technique.

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2021.10.20 15:41 NolanTheEpic Instead of doing the main story then side quest I’m doing all side quests possible before beating the shit out that foot liker benny

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2021.10.20 15:41 hlaforlife American wagu

I'm very happy to see this sub exists lol I'm planning to smoke a brisket for Thanksgiving and want to get real good quality meat. Is American wagu worth it our are there other suppliers people recommend or just get the highest grade my local butcher has (choice/prime)? Thanks.
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2021.10.20 15:41 Due_Neighborhood_141 BTC upside and upside down!

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2021.10.20 15:41 Baff-Salts I just beat Tarkov (Had the best raid of my life) but I have a question

Read my raid story or just go down and answer my question please thanks! Solo Customs. Chad gear and Meta Ak-103. Spawn at sniper roadblock and rush dorms. Nobody else rushed. Hit mark room and I find a M1 and a Willerz Wallet with a Blue Keycard in it. I've never found a colored labs keycard before. I didn't know how much its worth so I only peed a little.
However, I came to dorms for the safes because I needed one more teapot for that scumbag Ragman. Loot the safes and I get that fuckin teapot, after 10+ raids of Custom safe farming. Now its time to head to ZB-11. I go the typical route, hugging the outskirts of the map.
I arrive at the hill/cliff area that overlook the watchtower checkpoint and hear running down next to the watchtower. I look over and its a squad of 4 PMCs moving together on my side of the fence, almost as a single organism. They all slow down and all come to a stop next to the concrete wall, all standing still, all close enough to each other where they could of spit in each other's mouths if they wanted too. They looked like a group of Reserve raiders in formation. I have a second to think...let them pass and head to extract with the keycard/elusive quest item or chase that Tarkov adrenaline high???
I click on 2 heads. 2 Down. The other 2 scatter. Threw a few M67s and another one gets obliterated. I drop my bag up the cliff and close the distance to the bodies. The 4th guy looked like he ran off towards gas station or up radio hill. I take all the necessary precautions and confirm he isn't watching bodies. Full backpacks but nothing insane, one lvl 11 had a Hexgrid.
I just about finish looting when I hear sprinting coming directly at me. Its got to be the last guy or more PMCs. Its beelining right too me like it knows where I am. A bot scav comes flying around the corner screaming its Russian nonsense, does a call of duty slide and blacks out my arm with a shotgun shell before I gun him down. I'm guessing this was the game attempting to Tarkov me after so much success in one raid. I take that as a sign to really gtfo and I return to my bag up the hill.
I get to my bag, laydown, and organize shit. Then I hear more running down near the bodies. I look down and its Mr. #4 laying down on his friends bodies. I send him back to the lobby. Gotta loot him now. I get down to his corpse and I hear more fucking movement on the other side of the concrete wall. W key around for a second and I peek into the area. 2 PMCs now. Where the fuck did they come from? One looking the opposite way, I kill him and get sprayed by the other. Panic grenade, propital, retreated back up the hill. He has no idea where I went and I eventually click his head. That was the last of them. I loot up and get out. Completely forgot that I even had the keycard in my docs case until I cleaned out my backpack. Anyway, cant beat 6 PMC kills, a difficult quest completed and a keycard. Its moments like these I wish I could record.
DISCLAIMER: None of the PMCs were over level 18. They were all your typical customs warriors.
QUESTION: The blue keycard does not currently have a listing on the flea. How much might this sell for? Should I put it up for a crazy trade? Is it trash and I need to calm down? I don't usually play labs.
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2021.10.20 15:41 anarmyoftoast No contact accountability thread

Hey everyone so I had an idea for this thread. The idea is that everyone going NC or quitting social stalking can comment every day with how they did. This way we can feel some accountability, have others to support us and so on.
Feel free to post your struggles, successes, anything to do with how you're finding NC.
Surely it's easier together? Let's do this x
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2021.10.20 15:41 kingkotes How better off are you then the average Moroccan?

Obviously not evey Moroccan is poor but poverty is a big issue and there is not really a middle class but I see sometimes posts here on this subreddit about wanting to buy the newest iphone, PS5 or sex toys... XD
So how better off are you then the average moroccan?
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2021.10.20 15:41 StevieDoesStocksII It really is about Genius Family Entertainment and, hot off the press, GNUS just registered the domain www.geniusfamilyentertainment.com. What do they have planned?

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2021.10.20 15:41 LongDoggie Trolling the Shark (Essay Length)

Trolling the Shark (Essay Length) This is long I guess for Reddit, nearly 3K words. I'm letting you know in case you don't enjoy reading. I'll add a TLDR as a comment with spoilers. There are also swear words.
The day started out fine, mostly. I worked brunch in the morning. I didn’t get there until around 10. I’d overslept. I wasn’t feeling well the night before and had worked the entire dinner shift with a runny nose, in a mask, which was disgusting, and didn’t get to bed until around one. I was dreaming and wasn’t thinking that it was Sunday, the only day I needed to get up by a certain time, and hit snooze a few too many times. Eventually, it dawned on me that I had to work and I had an “oh shit” moment, realizing it was almost 9, and got up. I got in as soon as I could, later than usual. The time I was supposed to come in wasn’t entirely clear, because communication was so sketchy and the owner had given up on the whole online scheduling system - she liked the big calendar stuck on the side of the freezer that you could only see when you were already there. My schedule was usually the same and wasn’t normally on there, so I rarely looked at it. Luckily, it turned out it wasn’t that busy and it wasn’t a big problem. No one mentioned it.
Speaking of sketchy communication, there was a large party in the side room coming that wasn’t in the book and no one had bothered to tell me about it. Also, the owners, a married couple, who were also the head cook and lead server, were headed out of town on vacation with their kids, as soon as brunch ended, which I only knew about because I’d overheard them talking about it.
So of course, the owner, who I’ll call Karen, had to get out of town with her family, so she took the large party because that makes sense, and the other server, who I’ll call Ellen and I handled the rest of the tables. It was moderately busy and everything went pretty well. Ellen gave me the option to stay and close up after brunch (the restaurant shut down between 1 and 4 on weekends) or leave earlier and close that night. I was surprised, but not really surprised to learn I was scheduled to come back that night, though no one had talked to me about it - again, sketchy. I was ready to go, so I chose the latter option, reset my tables, did some side-work, and got out of there before one.
During brunch, I had received a voice message from a manager at another restaurant I’d applied to online weeks ago. This was the second time they’d called me, but this time I decided to reply. I stopped by that restaurant which was on my way home, but they weren’t open for lunch and no one was there, so I called the manager on my cell phone and scheduled an interview for the next day.
Later, on my way back to work, I was thinking that dinner should be okay, without the owner there, at least there’d be one less person to be mean to me, so potentially low stress, even though it left us a little short-handed and the high school kid who was scheduled to come in was “sick”.
It started out fine, though Ellen gave me attitude right away because I got stuck in traffic and got there at 5:10 instead of 5, which she said made me 15 minutes late because she liked to use exaggerated math — every guest who waited for more than a minute, which was never her fault, waited like 20 minutes, even if it was really 2 minutes. It bordered on ridiculous, as so many things did at this place and as a result, I had a hard time taking anything she said very seriously. She had a few tables, but was hardly swamped and anyway was making money.
Now you may be thinking that there seems to be a pattern here of the OP showing up late, like twice in one day, and you’d not be entirely wrong. By then I was pretty much over this job and looking for something else, so I could get the hell out, because of reasons I shall soon get into. So yeah, I was not very excited about going to work, again, for reasons, though I was always professional in my interactions with guests and did my best when I was there.
Increasingly, over time, I’d noticed that when the regulars would come in, the ones who spend a lot and/or overtip, either Karen (the owner) or Ellen, her bestie, would take the table or serve them at the bar. Lately, I NEVER got to serve these folks and I didn’t often get more than a 4-top unless it was convenient to give it to me. No one explained this and I wondered if they thought I didn’t notice. Well, I did notice but didn’t say anything, because somehow, weirdly, it would be turned back on me and be my fault. Like the day recently when I served a regular at the bar - made him a drink and cashed him out, only to be told later, by Karen, that she had taken my tip from him because it was really meant for her. Um, Okay? I knew that she had done something nice for this guy the day before, well she told him to go home after he’d been drunk and fell off his bike in front of the restaurant. I guess that’s nice. Maybe she helped him up or talked to the cops. I didn’t see it. I doubt he remembered because he’d been hammered. Anyway, it’s not impossible that there was some truth to this business about the tip, but still, I served him, so maybe I should’ve gotten 20% and the extra I could give to her - like she could ask me for it and I could decide to give it to her, which I would have. But no, she just took all of it and told me about it later. When I questioned this, asked if maybe I should get at least some of the tip, because, you know, I served the guy, I got this preachy lecture about how we are a team and help each other out and maybe I should have to tip out every time a server did something for one of my tables, or some such bullshit that clearly did not make sense. Blah blah blah. I said “OK, never mind, it’s fine,” just trying to end it. But then Karen had to double down and get all indignant and goes “No, it’s actually NOT fine”, and proceeds to rant at me some more because I dared to ask if maybe I could have some of my tip back. So you see, everything is my fault, one way or another and there’s clearly no point in disagreeing. And this wasn’t the first time I’d had tips stolen by her, it was just the first time she told me about it instead of denying it, and she seemed to think that made it better. Well thanks for the honesty, Karen, but fuck you very much. So the rest of that morning all I could think was that “You’re right Karen, it’s NOT fine. Not. fine. at. all!”
Back to the night in question. The Wagners came in - a lovely family with two daughters. They were always a pleasure to serve, usually got a bottle of wine, spent a couple of hundred, and tipped well. I had served them a few times way back when, but never recently. I sat them at their usual table. There were only two servers on including me, and Ellen was busy. I even waited a minute, knowing Ellen would want the table, but she didn’t get to it, so I decided that since I was free at the moment, it was appropriate for me to take the table - we don’t really do sections so it should’ve been fine. It was definitely NOT fine. I walked back to the bar after taking the drink order from the Wagners and Ellen stopped me, demanding to know what they ordered - so that she could take the table from me. There was no legit reason for her to do this. In fact, since I had already started table service, it was a little weird. The ONLY reason was that she wanted the tip, and so was going to take it.
I raised my eyebrows. That’s all I did. I was wearing a mask so Ellen could only see the top half of my face. I guess raising eyebrows is very confrontational because she asked me “What? What was that look for? What’s up with your face?” For real, she said that and more. She wanted a confrontation. She wanted me to say I had a problem with her taking the table so she could tell me how I was wrong and how it was my fault. I didn’t want to talk about it. She told me that if I had a problem and didn’t tell her now, I’d better just keep quiet, hold my peace, she said, as she were officiating at a wedding.
She’d asked specifically what they’d ordered to drink, so I told her, a bottle of cabernet, a dirty vodka martini, and two Shirley Temples, but didn’t mention the appetizer they’d asked for. Normally I’m not a big fan of passive-aggressiveness, but sometimes there’s no good alternative. Having a big argument would just make it worse. So I could either just take it, walk out, or fuck with her. I chose to fuck with her.
I didn’t say any of what I was thinking. I didn’t want to have a confrontation. I didn’t want to hear about how it was my fault, because I suck and am not entitled to have nice tables. She told me anyway. She explained that because I came late, I didn’t get to pick my tables. As if taking the table that came in and needed a server was “picking” it. That explained why it was perfectly reasonable, what she did, because of this rule that she’d just pulled out of her ass, on the fly. My mistake for thinking that she’s a being a shark. Got it! If you’re late, another server has the right to take over any table from you during the shift that might tip well. That’s how we do it. Good to know.
I won’t even say that I was pissed, but I was so over this bullshit. I don’t think I consciously decided to troll Ellen, but it was justified, and oh, so, easy. Even easier because she knew, of course, she knew, that she had fucked me over, and I knew it and she knew that I knew and wasn’t happy about it, at all. Dare I say that she might have been feeling a tiny bit of guilt and her defense was to be offensive? I could work with that.
We got busy. Not slammed, but definitely busy. I had 3 tables. Ellen asked me if I could take another table. Of course, I could. I had 3 tables. I don’t know why she was even still asking me this. There was a time when I’d been a server for less than a year, and half of that under Covid lockdown (TOGO only), when it made sense to ask if I could handle a 4th table, but now I had a solid 2 years and 3 tables was not a challenge. But she still asked and since she did, instead of just saying yes, I expressed how I was feeling, and said something like “yeah, I dunno, I guess, maybe”, very apathetic. Well, Ellen did not like that as I knew she wouldn’t. She warned me, “I will send you home right now and finish the night by myself. It’ll be hard but I’ll do it.” That sounded like a challenge to me. I knew the script because I’d done this before once when Karen had gone too far, that day she took my tip in fact, and I’d been cut right away, by Ellen, just for being verbally apathetic about a new table, only this time it would leave Ellen alone with a full restaurant, so that was different. Normally, I’d have sympathy and not want that to happen to any server, but it seemed about right, for that to happen to her after what she’d done.
At one point she did ask me if I knew about the appetizer for the Wagners, which as far as I was concerned was rhetorical. Of course, I knew. I just shrugged.
Soon there was another table and I responded the same way, really kind of hoping that I’d be cut, because.. how fun would that be? A lot more fun than working all night with a shark. So that is what happened. She said, “that’s it, you’re cut”. I said “good!” kind of loud, because I guess by then I was a little pissed off and getting more pissed the more I thought about it.
Then, Ellen proceeds to freak. the fuck. out. Telling EVERYONE, the kitchen, the busser, her boyfriend on her phone, I’m pretty sure some of the guests even, that I was cut, as if she had nothing to do with it, and OMG she had 10 tables, literally 10 tables, and needed HELP!
I don’t know if any of those people realized that if someone was cut, that meant someone else had cut them and the only person who that could have been was Ellen herself. If they had, they might have understood that she was acting like a very crazy person.
I say to her while she’s frantically tapping at the computer touch screen with her fingernails, “you know, there’s not a server on the planet who would put up with this shit from you and Karen.” She told me to clock out and leave. Well, I thought about it, and if I did that, first of all, she’d be really screwed, alone with 13 tables, which I didn’t really want to do to her, and more importantly, she’d get all the tips I’d earned so far during the shift, which I really didn’t want to happen. She’d taken quite enough from me. So I kept serving my tables while she continued to melt down. She overheard me from the other side of the freezer when I said to Mike, the busboy, that it was basically self-inflicted, and was outraged, saying “Self-inflicted?!!”
Eventually, I saw she was verging on tears, and I felt pretty bad and agreed to help her, asking “what do you need?” I made another Manhatten for one of her tables and ran it for her. Then the cavalry showed up in the form of her boyfriend and his son who had both briefly worked there before. Soon the the “crisis” was mostly over. I finished up my tables and started my paperwork.
As so often happens, ridiculously, Ellen asked me if my tables were done and started to tell me to do exactly what I was already doing at that moment, which was wrapping up and getting ready to clock out.
Ellen must have talked to Karen, who was supposed to be on vacation because before I left she tells me — and this is a thing with this restaurant group that hadn’t ever happened to me before, but I was very familiar with — that I was to leave and not come back to work until I talked to Karen (the boss) - she’d call me or something. It’s kind of like being suspended from school. I guess you have to say your sorry and it won't happen again. Whatever. I doubted that conversation was ever going to be happening.
I said “I’m just fed up”, to which she replied that it was mutual. Okay. I said, “Maybe I’ve just been working here long enough because it’s (name of the restaurant) and no matter what, it’s always a shit-show.” She said, “yeah maybe”. Then she looked me in the eye, seemed to get sincere, and told me she thought we would probably get along, outside of work. Huh? Maybe so, I could see that, but how about you just be a decent human being, even at work, so we could get along there? How about that? I think I just said “yeah.”
I clocked out and went home.
After a martini, I sent this text to Ellen and Karen:

Then I received this text from Karen:
The liquor license was about to expire and Karen had been worried about not being able to get it renewed. Since a large percentage of revenue comes from alcohol, so that would be a giant problem. I didn't know the status of the situation.

I replied with this:
And finally halfway into martini number two, I sent these:

I haven’t heard anything since. Just as well. What could they possibly say? Hopefully, I'll still get paid. My interview the next day went well. I don’t think I’ll be unemployed for long.
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2021.10.20 15:41 mwoodj Relentless Push Notifications

I just received my 16ch NVR and I am setting up my RLC-822A and RLC-820A cameras. I am using the app on my iPhone and I enabled push notifications. I configured a camera to only issue an alert when a person is detected and I decreased the sensitivity to mid. That seems to be working pretty well as it is only issuing push notifications when I am in view. The problem is that while I am on camera the app is pushing notifications back-to-back relentlessly. With the e-mail notifications I can set a delay. I don't see any such setting for the push notifications. I want the app to notify me one time when it detects motion. I don't need 100 notifications a minute. Am I missing something? Thanks.
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2021.10.20 15:41 Muted-South4737 What is your threshold for deciding you can no longer enjoy art made by a garbage human being?

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2021.10.20 15:41 dirty_curty3 Birdboy - a short horror film

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2021.10.20 15:41 TidingsofConfortnJoy Spoiler18x03 LIVING PATIENTS??!

Addison mentioned uterus transplants from living patients like it was an option.... an uterus is not a kidney, are they taking uteruses from living women? "I'm not using it, you might just have mine, sister"!?
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2021.10.20 15:41 km9988 18m bored and down to chat with anyone

Open for anything at this point lol I have snap too
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2021.10.20 15:41 BAMyougotaidz Burns Mystery Box - Statistical Questions

Hey all,
I made a post a few days ago on tips for boosting my Conform-o-meter bonus $ & XP percentage, and from the tips I received I started looking into the Burns Mystery Box and the statistics behind the potential prizes and have a few questions in hopes that someone is able to share some knowledge on this.
According to the website below, they state the odds of receiving each prize. (Forgive me if this is a bad source to be utilizing, I'm sort of new at looking into playing this game in the best statistically speaking manner and unsure on what sources to utilize/trust.)
I see that the characters Blue Haired Lawyer, Squeaky Voice Teen, Kearney, and the Lemon Tree are included as potential prizes in the Burns Mystery Box.
My question is, I already have those characters and the lemon tree, so how are the statistics redistributed? Is there a prize for x amount of donuts, non-premium item, cash, etc. that replaces those characters and lemon tree when getting a mystery box after you already have them?
Any insight/knowledge would be very helpful. Thank you!
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2021.10.20 15:41 ManInTheatre Don’t wanna wait on the m62 queue? This lorry driver is not taking your shit. Legend

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2021.10.20 15:41 SpookySpace Body tired, brain wired.

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2021.10.20 15:41 anne_k96 Tracing for hoop ornaments

I’m getting ready to do my first hoop project and I’m really excited! I was wondering what to do for tracing, though? The ornament will be staying in the hoop so I can’t exactly wash it to get rid of stray lines. Do y’all just spray it with a water bottle or how does it work?
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