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Thoughts on $BTC #Bitcoin! See xchng's idea on TradingView below. https://t.co/8iXgO0LLCd

2022.01.26 10:50 cryptochartsbot Thoughts on $BTC #Bitcoin! See xchng's idea on TradingView below. https://t.co/8iXgO0LLCd

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2022.01.26 10:50 smilingkar People who do surgery for transgenders are transformers

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2022.01.26 10:50 MasterNO122333 Can somebody explain the nexus thing, I can't read the patch notes... or just post the patch notes plz?thx🙏

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2022.01.26 10:50 NotRealMatti I bought item 6 days ago. Still cannot track

Hi, everyone! I ordered an item 6 days ago from banggood, and they packed my order and shipped it with tracking number. 6 days later i still cannot track the parcel in 17track/parcelsapp/ship24. Is there any specific reason for this? Also I noticed when i order from aliexpress my tracking number ends with CN, but in banggood it ends with NL. Does this mean my package is in the netherlands? I ordered from cn warehouse though...
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2022.01.26 10:50 Nagit00 Loth

Fusion of meowth and emolga cause i was bored and in school :D
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2022.01.26 10:50 niuz-bot MS: 131 de focare cu noul coronavirus în spitale şi în alte unităţi din sectorul sanitar - [Sanatate]

Citeste in continuare: https://www.agerpres.ro/sanatate/2022/01/26/ms-131-de-focare-cu-noul-coronavirus-in-spitale-si-in-alte-unitati-din-sectorul-sanitar--853921
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2022.01.26 10:50 QuakeGuy98 He'd be my favorite Villain

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2022.01.26 10:50 Initiative-Proper Inflation!!

Lads I can’t cope anymore, almost an increase of 10% in the space of a week.
A chicken fillet roll has gone from €3.65 to €4.00 at Centra on N. King’s Street and to top it all off they had no spicy chicken fillets 😤
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2022.01.26 10:50 underscoresoap Not a train guy!

Hi guys. I’m not a train guy at all, but I am a 1:24 car guy. I make videos about 1:24 Rc cars and models. I wanted to make a few short videos involving jumping over and drifting around trains so started researching 1:24 (or as close as) trains and found g scale. It looks perfect aside from the price. Oh lord the prices… anyway before I embark on my current idea of attaching 3d printed or cardboard box shells to cars I was wondering if you guys would have any better suggestions for super budget alternatives. I don’t necessarily need the trains to look super accurate or even detailed. (Hence cardboard box idea) they don’t even need to move on their own steam (train joke?) any cheapo toys or crafty suggestions I could look into? Thanks
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2022.01.26 10:50 misho63 IS THIS too rice or it's looking awesome? A hardcore customization of an Audi R8 5.2L Typ 42 in a video game

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2022.01.26 10:50 BuffaloCrocodile Best places to visit with the class?

So after college tomorrow 15-20 people from my class want to go somewhere but we don't know which place to visit. We've been to elephanta caves, chowpatty, the causeway, and the prince of Wales museum and a few other places but now some are closed, like the Byculla zoo. Any suggestions? Some place where there's stuff to see and do but also to enjoy amongst ourselves without seeming like we're causing a huge ruckus. Thanks guys.
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2022.01.26 10:50 niuz-bot VIDEO Iohannis: Avem peste 600 de km de frontieră cu Ucraina; trebuie să ne asigurăm că suntem pregătiţi pentru orice scenariu - [Politica]

Citeste in continuare: https://www.agerpres.ro/politica/2022/01/26/video-iohannis-avem-peste-600-de-km-de-frontiera-cu-ucraina-trebuie-sa-ne-asiguram-ca-suntem-pregatiti-pentru-orice-scenariu--853923
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2022.01.26 10:50 Internal_Owl6632 Genuinely Curious Socialist

I've learned a lot about ancap ideology from this sub, and can confidently say it's not pure evil like the other side says it is LOL. I can see the logic: supply and demand is the great equalizer.
However, I am curious about y'all's opinions on some moral issues.

  1. What's stopping the kind of slow generational decline of the working environment that's fueling the antiwork movement? Is it just a side effect of government interference?
  2. Under ancapitalism, talented capitalists will succeed regardless of their ethics. What's stopping people from preying on the weak and less talented?
  3. Capitalism relies on perpetual growth. In our dying, finite world, how can capitalism survive or thrive? How can it stop climate change without slowing consumption?
  4. In the absence of state, violence will be monetized by necessity. What's stopping regular massacres and atrocities from happening through this?
  5. There are many people who are unable to work and have no capitol to use to create passive income or pay for care. Should these people just rely on generosity or starve?
  6. Under the kind of wealth gaps we see between people like Elon Musk and the general public, what's stopping these elites from exercizing their wealth and power to create their own form of state, and restricting growth of everyone else?
  7. This ideology seems to rely on honest transactions between parties, but the pursuit of capital cares not for ethics. I can only see dishonesty, corruption, and cheating to be widespread and incentivized in an ancap utopia.
Let me know your thoughts, I'd love to hear from you! Also, no judgement :)
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2022.01.26 10:50 Azzinaughty episode 6 and 76

i'm sure this is pretty obvious but the op of the final season exactly 70 episodes after ep 6 in which he saved mikasa, is about how eren had always pure intentions, and how it subtly told the audience he is still the same boy who just wanted to save her.
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2022.01.26 10:50 Wheyprotein200 i'll be right there.

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2022.01.26 10:50 Vault07 SL's beauty

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2022.01.26 10:50 AllergicCentaur Anon hates women

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2022.01.26 10:50 Douche_Baguette Looking for an accessory to monitor usage of shower/bath.

Hi everyone,
I am finishing up major renovations of my master bathroom, which include:

  1. GE Enbrighten Z-wave smart dimmer for the overhead and vanity lights
  2. GE Enbrighten Z-wave smart dimmer for a hanging pendant light over the freestanding bathtub
  3. GE Enbrighten Z-wave smart switch for the exhaust fan
  4. GE Enbrighten Z-wave smart switch that powers the heated towel rack and mirror warmer
  5. Graywind homekit-native hardwired powered roller blinds
  6. Mysa homekit-native smart underfloor heating thermostat
I am an Apple guy, so as you can see I am using a mix of Z-wave accessories paired to a Hubitat, with homebridge running to translate those to Apple Homekit for me, combined with some native Homekit accessories. I have a couple of cool automations already, such as setting the "next default level" of the lights to 10% once 11pm hits, so that if I go into the bathroom and click the lights on at night, they won't blind me. (and switching it back to 100% at sunrise).
HOWEVER, one automation I am having trouble figuring out is - I'd really like the "towel warmer and mirror warmer" smart switch to turn on automatically if a person is taking a shower or bath. The possibilities, as I see it, in order of quality, are:
  1. Monitor water flow to the bath and shower (there is a section of 3/4" hot pex piping that only goes to those two things, which would only flow when the bath or shower is being run. I could monitor flow in that pipe).
  2. Monitor water pressure near the bath/shower - same type of deal as monitoring flow, but may be cheapeeasier? However I'd have to dial in the pressures carefully because running a bath in the guest bathroom may also drop the pressure across the whole system enough to trip it).
  3. Monitor humidity. This would work I guess, it just seems like it'd be flaky and laggy. Would depend upon how hot of a shower or bath is being taken, the ambient humidity, sensor placement, etc.
  4. Motion detection. Simple to set up, but would turn on whether somebody is actually using the tub/shower, OR if they're using the bathroom for any other reason. Too many false positives. Would also require a visible sensor, which I'd like to avoid if possible.
I found the FortrezZ Z-wave water flow sensor, and it seems like it would work, but it has "mixed" reviews, is $250, AND would require me adding a bunch of fittings into my water line to install it. The Linear WL00Z-1 is a simpler, less invasive water flow sensor that STICKS to your pipe, and is only $99, but ONLY works with copper pipe AND can only be configured to send an alert after a minimum of 10 minutes of water flowing (I'd like response in under a minute).
Does anybody have a simple solution to this problem? I think both Z-wave sensors are smarter than I need. I don't need water usage metrics. I just need a single alert when flow starts. I'll start a timer to turn the "towel warmer and mirror warmer" switch on for 60 minutes or whatever.
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2022.01.26 10:50 TheKazt Have been reading Ajin and I couldn't resist

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2022.01.26 10:50 ItsTheTenthDoctor Podcast about big data with author of 11 books and researcher; Viktor Mayer-Schönberger.

Interesting episode that discusses what big data is and why so many business are hoarding their information.
Description copy and pasted below:
Big data is a big deal! Today, I was glad to welcome Viktor Mayer-Schönbergeroday on the show to discuss how impactful data information and security is, along with how our mental frames change the world.
Bio: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is the Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation at Oxford. His research focuses on the role of information in a networked economy. Earlier he spent ten years on the faculty of Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.
He has published eleven books, including the international bestseller "Big Data", "Learning with Big Data", and the awards-winning "Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age" with Princeton University Press. He is the author of over a hundred articles and book chapters on the economics and governance of information. In 1986 he founded Ikarus Software, a company focusing on data security and developed the Virus Utilities, which became the best-selling Austrian software product. He was voted Top-5 Software Entrepreneur in Austria in 1991 and Person of the Year for the State of Salzburg in 2000. He has chaired the Rueschlikon Conference on Information Policy in the New Economy and in 2014 he received a World Technology Award in the law category for his work.
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2022.01.26 10:50 SoyUnRex Consejos para un chilango que se muda a Monterrey.

Soy chilango, vivo en la Benito Juárez, me mudo a Cumbres en Monterrey en 2 meses.
Gracias por todo lo que escriban, ojalá haya mame y uno que otro consejo útil.
Odio el calor :'v
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2022.01.26 10:50 Walts_Ahole Looking for advice on repairing these jeans

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2022.01.26 10:50 thehomeygrail JINPUS Air Purifier Small Portable Air Cleaner for Bedroom with HEPA Filter, Upgraded Low Noise Home Air Purifiers GL-2103 (Powered by 4.9ft USB cable, No Adapter) $38.99->$32.29 (lightning deal)

JINPUS Air Purifier Small Portable Air Cleaner for Bedroom with HEPA Filter, Upgraded Low Noise Home Air Purifiers GL-2103 (Powered by 4.9ft USB cable, No Adapter) $38.99->$32.29 (lightning deal) submitted by thehomeygrail to DayOfDeals [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 10:50 hlloyge [index.hr] Tomašević predstavio portal otvorenih podataka Grada Zagreba

"Temeljni cilj Smart City Hub Grada Zagreba je jedinstvenom platformom objediniti dosadašnja rješenja s ciljem bolje povezanosti s podružnicama, ustanovama i trgovačkim društvima kojima je osnivač Grad Zagreb, pružajući na taj način alat za internu i eksternu suradnju te razmjenu podataka", kažu iz Grada Zagreba.
Sve pet, deca, ali sajt vam nije na https protokolu... jel opet neki državni ured to radio, ili susjedov mali koji se kuži?
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2022.01.26 10:50 Lazy_Ad_6232 An anime with a great magic system?

Already seen FMA Brotherhood and I'm not watching An Irregular at Magic High School.
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