Plasticine Carti Artwork 🩸 [instagrams: @rivalites, @bobblyflip_]

2022.01.26 11:47 Rivalite Plasticine Carti Artwork 🩸 [instagrams: @rivalites, @bobblyflip_]

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2022.01.26 11:47 tuffoverlord Good morning, beautiful [oc]

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2022.01.26 11:47 metalhead35815 Come support Hitman 3 for Game of the Year!

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2022.01.26 11:47 Scary_Marzipan The comments in this post reminded me that most of our country is pretty resentful to us.

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2022.01.26 11:47 the_squirrel_guy Dear r/portugaltheman mods

I'm sure this will get deleted so I won't put in too much effort. No one gives a fuck about your opinions on NFTs.
You think you're making a difference here? This is embarrassing. Go apply for some jobs.
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2022.01.26 11:47 Tasty_Fee_4173 Freevpn

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2022.01.26 11:47 Kittcore Here you go!

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2022.01.26 11:47 trepaul15 [PC][NA} Looking for chill and open-minded people to play with consistently and slowly get better, while having fun.

Looking for people who don't scream at teammates because they mess up and don't backseat game at the wrong time. I am pretty chill player and just want to learn the game with some likeminded people. Absolutely will not deal with any racist or homophobic slurs.
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2022.01.26 11:47 KNlCKS [PD] Isiah “Pulmonary Embolism” Hartenstein

you know, pulmonary embolism cuz he takes your breath away.
Anyway clippers came back from 35 without Reggie, Zubac and Batum in the 2nd half.
Hartenstein with the 16-5-6-1-1-2 on 50/80 in 26 mins.
Hart break out soon?
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2022.01.26 11:47 InsufficientNobody When your boss drives his brand-new Lambo to work

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2022.01.26 11:47 reps_up Intel ARC Alchemist GPUs to feature Samsung 16Gbps GDDR6 memory

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2022.01.26 11:47 CarlosDoesTheWorld Because love conquers all. Except a herniated disc

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2022.01.26 11:47 WanderingTraderBot [X-Post] Is NBTExplorer still supported?

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2022.01.26 11:47 LonewolfMcFades Smaller Party in Wild Beyond the Witchlight

Hello, /DMAcademy! First time (in a long while) DM here and running Wild Beyond the Witchlight for my players. We originally had 4 players but one had to bow out for personal reasons. We had our first session last week and we got through the carnival with my players being seemingly into it. However, we're headed into Hither this week and I was wondering what, if any, adjustments should be made for a group of three players. They are a hexblade warlock, a way of mercy monk (at level 3, currently all players are level 2), and a soon-to-be echo knight. I feel comfortable with improving the social/exploration portions but I'm worried about the fights mainly. Should I just see how they do in the first combat scenario and adjust for there or is there anything I should adjust before hand. TIA!
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2022.01.26 11:47 ZeRo76Liberty Alabama Just Lost a Great BBQ Restaurant

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2022.01.26 11:47 Koooshel How it started vs. How its going

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2022.01.26 11:47 donhungnyc High Quality Flower Delivery Intro #Essex

Hello All,
This a friendly post to share my high quality flower business ⛽️ 💨 🪴 in the North Jersey and NY metro area.
If anybody needs a delivery shoot a pm and I will share a menu.
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2022.01.26 11:47 Sajakain [H][US][Area 52] - Community - Building 9.2 Raid Team

Our community has been around for over a decade being originally established in 2009 during Wrath of the Lich King. We're looking for folks that want to join and continue this community and it's journey with us. While we enjoy raiding and push to see it cleared, our primary focus will always be the people that make up the friendships and camaraderie. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, I encourage you to check out our website or join our Discord and find out more about us.

The Details
Current Raid Schedule:

Each raid tier we take the opportunity to not only get AOTC and see how far into Mythic we can go but we also set aside time to get the raid team the respective "Glory of the Raider" achievement that typically comes with each Raid instance.

What We're Looking For
First and foremost, as noted in the Introduction, we're looking for the right people to help us build the raid team and/or join our community. Gear and experience can always be given / taught. Personal character and the right attitude cannot.
If you are interested in joining our guild and raid team, you can find more information about our expectations on our website:

►► Special Interest: Recruitment Officer
We are looking for an individual that is capable and willing of handling recruitment for our guild and raid team. Some key characteristics about this individual would be (but are not limited to):

Join The Community!
If you're not interested in joining the guild and raid team directly, we have recently created a community as well. We'd love to see you join us there!
The process is real simple. While in game:
  1. Press "J" (by default) to open up the Guild / Communities page.
  2. Click "Join or Create Community"
  3. On the bottom is a box for "Join Community"
The invite code for our community is ZKkolgwCDL5
Put that in the box, click "Join", and you'll be all set! This community is for level 60 characters only, within the Horde Faction, and is character specific and not account wide. If you have multiple 60s you wish to join with then you will need to join on each of them separately.

Contact Information
BattleTag Contacts:
If you have any questions, please reach out to us. Feel free to join our Discord, introduce yourself, and talk with the Leadership in the #welcome channel.
Thank you for your time. We hope to see some new faces in our community soon.
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2022.01.26 11:47 Hachiman_MVP The Monsters We Make Livestream

The Monsters We Make
Starting in less than 15 minutes! Wish us luck!\_hachiman
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2022.01.26 11:47 kenann1 Anemia? Dr. Wouldn’t say I’m “anemic” just that I had some “low test results” and needed supplements.

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2022.01.26 11:47 galacticman2020 Could it be that we can buy a happy meal with Doge?

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2022.01.26 11:47 daitr0 Ubi, please put a level requirement on Malstroem or give us the option to "bail" before the mission starts.

I've opened a rant thread about it yesterday already since I needed to vent a bit generally, so sorry for double posting but this time it is an actual request....or rather: plea. (lol)
After going into my third attempt of Malstroem and this time ending up with a lvl 1 teammate (they seem to get lower every time I try lol), that went down AFTER we finished first objective and the other guy and me were waiting in the transition room already, while he decided to run back for some reason just to get downed instantly, since he already was down to 10ish HP already, I don't even know why, maybe that toon was so los already upon joining the mission.
This really is taking a toll on my fun by now.
I'm a relaxed person, usually stick to support oriented classes since I actually love helping people and I have zero problems supporting new players, I don't get mad when shit happens and can laugh it off, I'm aware sometimes it's just tough luck, people can have bad days or their dog decided to barf on the couch next to them, the newborn or SO needs attention or whatever....No hard feelings, at all.
...but in this game I by now feel like I'm getting abused as a personal free power level service by people, that join without any intention to even try and play the mission.
Malstroem is currently supposed to be the endgame activity, the most challenging content actually available...people should not be able to join there with lvl 1 toons or toons that are low hp and basically using the gamemode as a quick, cheap and easy way to level up their roster or maybe simply to troll.
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2022.01.26 11:47 No-Breakfast310 Mudd

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2022.01.26 11:47 Redbrick88 SOLO airdrops processing by amount - smallest to largest?

Ive been waiting patiently for the SOLO airdrop like the rest, but noticed that its being airdropped to accounts by amount - smallest to largest.
Is it confirmed that this is the case?
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2022.01.26 11:47 No_Date_1232 Chicas: ¿Que debe hacer un chico para q se sientan atraídas por el?

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