EMINEM - 1.28… SOON!

feat. Eminem from the movie 8 MILENo copyright infringement intended. All contents belong to its rightful owners. This is for entertainment purposes only. Eminem, along with his solo career, is a member of his group D12, and also one half of the hip hop duo Bad Meets Evil, with Royce da 5'9". Eminem is one of the best-selling artists in the world ... By submitting this form I agree to receive news, tour dates, and special offers from Eminem. Emails will be sent by or on behalf of Universal Music Group 2220 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90404 (310) 865-4000. 33.7m Followers, 0 Following, 616 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Marshall Mathers (@eminem) American rapper Eminem has released eleven studio albums, one compilation album, and one EP. His music has been released on record labels Web Entertainment and Interscope Records, along with subsidiaries Aftermath Entertainment and his own Shady Records.Eminem is the best-selling hip hop artist of all-time and the best-selling artist of the 2000s with US album sales at over 32.2 million during ... Eminem is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, record executive and actor. He is one of the most successful artists of the 21st century. In addition to his solo career, Eminem was a member of the hip hop group D12. He is known for collaborations with Detroit-based rapper Royce da 5'9"; the two are collectively known as Bad Meets Evil. Eminem was the first interview of Zane Lowe in Beats 1. The interview streamed online on the Beats 1 radio on July 1, 2015. Eminem appeared on the public access show Only in Monroe, produced in Monroe, Michigan and was interviewed by guest host Stephen Colbert for an episode that aired July 1, 2015. Eminem's ex-wife, Kim Scott, was found in her bathroom and had to be restrained by police after they responded to a suicide attempt call. The latest Tweets from Marshall Mathers (@Eminem): ""Send the motherfucking beat to the trauma-unit" my bro @Grip_SS crushed his @ShadyRecords debut!! IDFT!? OUT NOW ... Eminem’s ex-wife, Kim Scott, was reportedly hospitalized for attempting suicide. The alleged incident occurred just one week after Scott’s mother, Kathleen Sluck, died on July 23 at the age of ...

2022.01.26 11:23 MarshallBot EMINEM - 1.28… SOON!

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2022.01.26 11:23 migi-kikino dear lord (u/pinblaster153)

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2022.01.26 11:23 -Sweet-Tangerine- Blue Ocean jobs

I've noticed they're doing lots of hiring for remote work. Do any of you work for them, and how is it?
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2022.01.26 11:23 Sky-Coda Disproving Evolution - Human and Chimp DNA is only 84% similar

Searching in google for the percent similarity between humans and chimpanzees will give you an abundant of knee-jerk journalism that claims we are about 98.6% identical. What they breeze over is the fact that this similarity is only exhibited among similar genes. Yes you read that right, they are essentially saying "similar gene sequences between humans and chimps are mostly similar". An unbiased analysis of the raw data shows it is more like an 84% similarity.
The human genome has about 150,000,000 less DNA nucleotides than chimpanzees:
human genome count
chimpanzee genome length.
This alone means they can at max be 95.8% similar, assuming all coding is identical. But the remaining is not identical.
of the remaining genome, a genetic analysis found:
"Approximately 306 Mb (9.91%) of the human sequence did not align to the chimpanzee sequence" source
This means 9.91% of the human sequence did not align with the chimpanzee genome. Add this to the fact that humans have a 4.2% smaller genome, and the max similarity can be about 86%.
Now is where we get the commonly highlighted statistic that about 98.6% of the genome is similar. It is not the entire genome that is 98.6% similar, it is merely the remaining 86% of alignable genetic sequences that are 98.6% similar. so 98.6% x 86% equals a total of about 84% of the genomes that is actually similar. Yet you never see this percentage in any headlines, you have to dig through the raw data to find it.
This is a huge blow for evolutionary theory. Imagine losing 150,000,000 DNA fragments of data, and also having 306,000,000 DNA fragments of data being incomparable to the chimpanzee that was supposedly the last common ancestor. This divergent species supposedly evolved around 5,000,000 years ago. This means that 450 DNA mutations/deletions must have occurred per year. Or, given a 25 year generational gap (meaning these mutations can only be offered once every 25 years passed on to the next generation), this means that each generation would have theoretically had to evolve 25 x 450 = 11,250 beneficial mutations per generation. This sort of mutation rate is absolutely unfounded in the realm of possibility in genetic research, especially given how Rare a functional mutation is
This is good news, do not blindly refuse it based off old bias to evolutionary theory. We were force-fed evolutionary theory by the media while growing up, but it is not based in any sort of realistic science. You are not the offspring of mutated chimps. Imagine the possibilities of your true origins!
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2022.01.26 11:23 CCocoaGal Amazonian Rainforest in Ecuador {OC} (1920x2560)

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2022.01.26 11:23 Seered_ Spiderman hot

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2022.01.26 11:23 Shirsha_synok Is he hacking?

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2022.01.26 11:23 Weird-Code-1138 Just a moment...

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2022.01.26 11:23 Set1Less El Salvador holds less than 2% of its reserves in BTC, they hold more GOLD than BTC. People are spreading the false narrative that they are recklessly gambling with people's money. 2% allocation is a decent risk:reward. Even Fidelity allocates 2% to BTC in their flagship Balanced Fund.

Lots of people here keep spreading the narrative that El Salvador is "gambling recklessly" with people's savings and what not.
Reading those posts one would think their entire reserves is now in BTC.
But the fact is that just 2% of their reserves are even allocated in BTC.
El Salvador holds around $70m worth BTC. This is literally nothing for a country. They hold 1691 BTC, in comparison , Microstrategy and Tesla hold over 120,000 BTC and 40,000 BTC respectively.
El Salvador's total foreign exchange reserves is pegged at $3.3 BN
Less than 2% of their reserves are in BTC.
El Salvador holds more in GOLD than in BTC
According to this article, they hold $79m worth GOLD, but just $70m worth BTC.
People are spreading the false narrative as if he has moved the entire supply of reserves to BTC, which is far away from whats going on. They have just been making small purchases over time. They literally bought like 2 BTC in the end of Dec. Peanuts for a country.
A 2% allocation in a risky asset class is not a gamble by any means. It is a decent risk reward play for individuals, and countries as well.
If you consult with a financial advisor, they may suggest a portfolio allocation of 2% towards emerging asset classes like crypto. Infact, thats what Fidelity suggests as well. Recently, they added a 2% BTC allocation to their flagship All in one Balanced / Growth funds. These are mom and pop funds that are held mostly by conservative investors.
Its been around a year since El Salvador announced their Bitcoin Law and around 6 months since it went active. In this period, they have allocated a small portion of their reserves towards BTC. This is not a gamble, but a solid and well planned asset allocation strategy. Meanwhile, they have already started mining BTC and over time, this industry has the potential to add to their GDP.
What did people think bitcoin/crypto adoption would be like, one fine day every country across the world will just start accepting BTC out of the blue? Just like that it would become legal tender without any struggle?
These are small steps and it will be risky. Nothing happened overnight, let alone moving from USD to a decentralised currency like Bitcoin.
Its shameful that people here want adoption of BTC and crypto, but the first time a large sovereign power has tried to adopt BTC, the same people who want crypto adoption go out of their way to attack them with baseless allegations.

Muhh adoption should be in accordance with my terms, otherwise its not adoption.
These people are just privileged bottom feeders who want to enjoy success without any risks whatsoever.
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2022.01.26 11:23 FST_Halo The community in South Africa is thriving! (Pls fix rather than take our servers again)

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2022.01.26 11:23 Glass_Ad2636 Onion fields

I just got the tor on my phone how do I navigate the onion fields to get some RC benzos I live in Canada and would possibly like to get a connect here so nothing has to cross the border
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2022.01.26 11:23 LukeLeeYh OMSCS after MCIT at Penn, thoughts?

Hi guys, I am from Accounting and Finance background for my Bachelor's, but I was luckily accepted into the MCIT at Penn, and now at my last semester.
As I am looking for a role as an algorithmic trader after graduation, I am also thinking of applying to OMSCS to deepen my knowledge in ML/AI.
I understand that OMSCS targets CS undergrads, but I am confident that I learned really well and covered what the CS undergrads learn.
Do you think they will still accept those with no CS degree in Bachelors, but the one with the MCIT degree?
Also, after graduation, I am thinking of taking MITx ML with Python course, as it seems to deal with rigorous ML topics such that I can be more familiar with the OMSCS ML track. If anyone has done the MITx, I would be happy to hear your thoughts.

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2022.01.26 11:23 PanacheStarVideo MAMBO - Professional American Rhythm by Kristian and Mae at Fred Astaire NY/NJ Dancesport

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2022.01.26 11:23 NegativeSector I know that this request might be a bit specific, but is there any dataset of midi music designed for focus?

I need the dataset for AI training. Preferably, each song should be more than 2 minutes long.
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2022.01.26 11:23 onepiece09 Giant Defy Advanced Store

Hello. I am looking to buy a Giant Defy Advanced preferably the one with Tiagra groupset. I have asked around through shops like Life Cycle, Cycle Express, etc. in facebook and they do not have stocks. Any other ideas where and how I can buy the bike? Thank you.
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2022.01.26 11:23 KillerNoah666 What are your outlandish theories for any Marvel movie/show? (No Way Home spoilers(?))

Hey all! This is my first post here, though I've been lurking this subreddit for a while (other than a few comments here and there). I decided that my first post would be asking you guys about your outlandish theories about any Marvel movie or show, whether it be in the MCU or outside of it. Make sure not to bash anyone for their theories!
I'll go first: Flash Thompson is Kingpin's son and will become the Hobgoblin
Already you can tell this is like a crackhead theory just from hearing it. But for some reason, despite a lack of proper evidence, it just stuck with me. I was joking around the other night with a friend about who would become the next Spiderman MCU villain and Flash popped up in my head. I'll try to explain why it just clicked in me that this theory felt right somehow. (Just a silly TLDR of sorts though)
Flash Thompson is a rich kid who doesn't really get to see his parents. Kingpin is rich and is probably too busy to see his son. My friend told me that in the comics, Hobgoblin was originally meant to be Kingpin's son, but was changed to become Ned out of spite after some sort of fued during the editing of the comics. They'll reveal that Flash is Kingpin's son and then make Flash into the Hobgoblin to finally fix the villain's story. Oh, and maybe they'll give him the Venom symbiote we saw in the No Way Home post credit scene as well, so we'll get a Venom-like Hobgoblin. (They could also turn him into Agent Venom if he turns a new leaf but who knows) Considering that the MCU loves to twists details from the comics into something unique, them making Flash into Hobgoblin instead of Ned would definitely be a thing Marvel pulls off in the next Spider-Man MCU movie.
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2022.01.26 11:23 Dilaw_21 Altas capacidades y talento, nuestra apuesta - Modus Ponens

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2022.01.26 11:23 lokilivewire When you hear the word "vampire", what genre springs to mind?

I've been fascinated with vampires for as long as I can remember. Writing about them was a no-brainer. However, I was kinda stunned when ask to do an interview about horror.
TBH aside from Bram Stoker's Dracula, I've never viewed vampires as "horror" material.
The majority of my writing is based on various parts in history, so I consider myself part of history-fiction.
If vampires are, by majority, viewed as horror, how do I escape this stereotype?
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2022.01.26 11:23 Hostpro_com What role does the Internet play in your life? Does it affect today's people well or badly?

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2022.01.26 11:23 Zombot-9000 Cool Game mechanic

basically what happened is I had 2 leap stations(one in lane 2 and the other in lane4) so my parasol in lane 2 transforms into surprise Garg and I move to the other transformation station and it turns to a coffee zombie.
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2022.01.26 11:23 SwoopDaEagle [Dave Zangaro] Handing out Eagles awards after the 2021 season

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2022.01.26 11:23 Hello_Talent [HIRING] Operating System Tester, Location: Maine, US, Company: IDEXX - Veterinary Software & Services

IDEXX is hiring an Operating System Tester.
You will be the resident expert on testing the impact of operating system (primarily Windows) changes on several client-based systems. You will be the only tester on this new team and will work across many teams to gain expertise in each system. With that knowledge, you will work closely with the team’s developer and cybersecurity expert to drive how IDEXX keeps PCs up-to-date and healthy.
Salary: $110k + bonus & benefits
You can read more about this role here: https://careers.idexx.com/us/en/job/J-027203/Operating-System-Tester?utm\_source=reddit&utm\_medium=jobbit&utm\_campaign=j-027203
Thanks and have a good day!
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2022.01.26 11:23 st1tch123123 What style you rocking on John/Arthur?

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2022.01.26 11:23 MLH70 P.S. We Love You

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2022.01.26 11:23 gslondontyf Cyberclassic.io has PASSED a CERTIK Smart contract audit - CERTIK/SOLIDPROOF

Cyberclassic is a first 3.0 third-person user-controlled NFT game based on Blockchain.

On Jan 22nd 2022 our first eagerly awaited and official audit passed. You’ll be able to inspect the document in the link provided but if you’re just looking for a quick run down then you’ve come to the right place.

The audit paid special attention to the following considerations:
Testing the smart contracts against both common and uncommon attack vectors.
Assessing the codebase to ensure compliance with current best practices and industry standards.
Ensuring contract logic meets the specifications and intentions of the client.
Cross referencing contract structure and implementation against similar smart contracts produced by industry leaders.
Thorough line-by-line manual review of the entire codebase by industry experts.
The only issues worth explaining here are the ‘Major’ findings that relates to the Centralization /Privilege as you can see in the screen grab from the report below.

GLOBAL-02 | Centralization Related Risks
DescriptionIn the contract Ownable, the role owner has authority over the following functions:function transferOwnership()function renounceOwnership()In the contract cyberclassic, the role owner has authority over the following functions:function clearTokens()Any compromise to the owner account may allow a hacker to take advantage of this authority.

From the client: This function helps move out unwanted tokens to keep our bscscan clean. It’ll also help usperform recovery in case of any accidental transfer of tokens to our contract address

VIF-01 | Token Minted To Centralized Address
The amount of _initialSupply tokens that are minted to the centralized address msg.sender who isowner, may raise the community’s concerns about the centralization issue.

From the client: We are aware of that and we’re already using a multi-signature wallet for the adminaccount.
If you have any questions about our audit please feel free to pop by in our Telegram channel and you’ll find plenty of motivated Cyborg ready to help steer you through it.

About Certik:
Certik is a security company looking to utilize topnotch formal verification technology in collaboration with some of the best cybersecurity experts to create end-to-end services. On its website, Certik claims that it has audited over 188,000 lines of codes and secured over $6.32 billion worth of assets. The team offers to mathematically validate the safety of smart contracts. Certik audited the smart contracts for several projects like Pancakeswap, Aave, and Polygon Matic.
Certik is official partner of Binance and is supported by prominent investors, including Binance Labs, Lightspeed, Matrix Partners and DHVC.

Cyberclassic Vision and Mission
Our mission and vision is to revolutionize blockchain gaming while keeping the true essence of card games alive. Cyberclassic game is inspired by our childhood favorite pokemon cards. It is an attempt to bring new gaming technologies in our old games to strike the right balance of innovation and nostalgia. We aim to transform Cyberclassic into a metaverse ecosystem. This platform is not limited to NFT and tokens. We aim to provide entertainment and a fun way to learn and earn in crypto space. Cyberclassic is the future of NFTs.

Website: https://cyberclassic.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cyberclassicNFT
Telegram: https://t.me/cyberclassicnft
Medium: https://cyberclassicnft.medium.com/
Documentation: https://cyberclassic.io/whitepaper.pdf
Github: https://github.com/cyberclassicnft
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHgcu8QG2az8qoL0_YQbzfw
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/cyberclassicnft
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cyberclassicnft/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cyberclassicnft
Contact: http://contact@cyberclassic.io/
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